Monday 1 April 2013

Syncretism and the Canaanite deities- part 2

Resheph- Resheph can be identified with the Babylonian god Nergal, as both are underworld deities connected with the planet Mars.  Both also slay by plague and war.  He is also identified with Greek Apollon, as both bring arrows of plague, and both are also gods of healing and fathers of a healing god.  In India, Rudra/Shiva the bringer of the arrows of plague and lord of destruction is comparable to Resheph.

Yam- He is identified with other sea gods, including the Hittite Aruna, the Hurrian A'as, the Babylonian Ea, the Greek Poseidon, Roman Neptune, and Indian Varuna.

Mot- Identified with other gods of the underworld, including the Greek Hades or Thanatos, and the Roman Pluto.

Arsh- Identified with the Greek Triton as a sea god.

Baal Shamem- Connected with Ares in treaties, and as a sky god with Zeus Olympios.