Wednesday 13 February 2013

Evil is not worshiped

As I expected, my postings on Lilith have gathered some controversy and debate on the Internet.  One argument I keep hearing in the other direction is that Lilith is "a necessary evil", and that since good cannot exist without evil, it is therefore acceptable and even a positive thing that you might choose to worship her.  This is simply illogical in the Canaanite religion.  In this post I hope to explain why.

The basic premise of this argument is that good cannot exist without evil, and therefore evil is a good thing- or a thing to be worshiped.  The point of this is that Lilith worship is positive and beneficial because without Lilith, Pazuzu wouldn't have anything to strive against.  Therefore, if you pray to Pazuzu you should also pray to Lilith.  One analogy I've heard is that "you can't see the light of the moon without first seeing the darkness of night".

No.  I want to clarify that to everyone reading this.  This is not a good argument to make from a Canaanite perspective.  And indeed not from an Egyptian, Persian, or Roman perspective either.  In Canaanite religion, we say that divinities or powers are made stronger through the giving of offerings.  To make a sacrifice or pour a libation or burn incense for a deity will make them stronger.  It will give them power.    Therefore, regardless of whether or not you agree with the 'you can't have good without evil' argument (and that's a whole philosophical debate for another time), to worship evil beings like Mot or Lilith is at the least pointless and at the most downright dangerous and foolish.  To give offerings to these beings or indeed to worship them is to openly invite death and suffering toward you, your household, your community, and your family and friends.  

Now, I'm fully aware that we can't have life without death.  Of course, the things under the domain of Mot and Lilith and Lamashtu exist (and we can't deny that).  But why do you want to worship them and adore them?  Why do you want to strengthen them, give them power?  They won't fully go away, but it's best to ignore them and not worship them in any way.

This is found all across religions.  Evil beings like Mot, Lilith, Lamashtu, the shaytans, Apepi, Typhon, Ahriman- and indeed Satan himself in the Christian and Muslim religions (be he known as Lucifer or Iblis or something else)- are simply not worshiped.  They aren't.  They aren't like the great gods. 

Worship the gods of life and joy and happiness.  Worship the gods who promote goodness and prosperity.  Worship them, and they will be the ones who become stronger and will bless and preserve our community.

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