Wednesday 16 October 2013

Some words about my blog and pages

It's very sad that I feel this has to be said, but I think I've been more than reasonable and patient at this point.  So, without further ado:

- This blog and my pages focus on ethnic Canaanite religion, culture, and history.  I feel that we are a people like any other, be they Egyptians, Hellenes, Romans, Celts, Persians, Hindus, Chinese etc.

- I am NOT interested in discussing anti-semitic conspiracy theories,

- I am NOT interested in racism or hate speech, of any kind,

- I am NOT interested in preaching.  I do not want to be told that I'm evil, my gods are demons, and that God will punish everyone for my sins.  Please respect my religion like you would any other religion,

- I am NOT interested in discussing 'race', or whether Jews or Palestinians are 'closer' to being 'pure' Canaanites,

- I am NOT interested in discussing nationalistic politics in the Middle East.  As a rule, we traditional Canaanites, like the ethnic Hellenes such as YSEE, do not attach ourselves to modern fringe political groups or ultra-nationalistic political movements- as we feel very strongly that these run contrary to traditional Canaanite ethics and culture.  Many such movements also tend to associated themselves with either Judaism, Christianity, or Islam anyway, and so are not in our interests,

- I am NOT interested in discussing 'alternative history' theories such as human civilizations being created by aliens.  Our gods are not aliens/reptilians,

-  I am NOT interested in discussing biblical literalism either.  Some of the material that I post may run contrary to a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible,

- I intend for my blogs, pages, and groups to be peaceful and spiritual places to come and learn and experience.  Please, respect my wishes and keep them that way.

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