Tuesday 14 January 2014

Advice for people with self-esteem and confidence issues

This is from Mara bar Serapion.  It was a help for me and hopefully will be for you too:

"When, moreover, anything untoward befalls you, do not lay the blame on man, nor be angry against God, nor fulminate against the time you live in.

If you shall continue in this mind, your gift is not small which you have received from God, which has no need of riches, and is never reduced to poverty. For without fear shall you pass thy life, and with rejoicing. For fear and apologies for one's nature belong not to the wise, but to such as walk contrary to law. For no man has even been deprived of his wisdom, as of his property."

The meaning of this passage is to remember your god-given gifts and talents in life, for they can never be taken away from you. And do not be ashamed of them, because being ashamed of oneself is not what the wise do, but what criminals and vagabonds do.

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