Saturday 1 February 2014

The Hearts of Enemies Laid Low- a poem by Ben-el Mem

The Hearts of Enemies Laid Low:

In eastern lands where Shemesh rise
Through heights of white-crowned Damavand
A risen king, so loved by gods, ascended to the throne
By earth and water reigning there- his empire great and bold
To Judah wealth in gold had flowed; in ruby, jade, and emerald
The House of God extravagant- it rose anew to tower high
From nearby came foxes sly- and cunning, with no fear of El,
Beholding grace of heaven fair, like Ishtar robed for Dawn,
And sought with sword and spear to slay,
Lay waste to blessed Judah-land
But though their hearts to envy moved,
The fear of kingship held them back,
The strong right arm of Yah the lord was reigning there on earth,
Feebly back to hills they tread,
Ambitions low forevermore, to Moab-land they sped,
To green hill citadel and field, on eastern banks of salty seas.

(This poem is mine and cannot be posted elsewhere without acknowledging me as the writer)

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