Friday 27 January 2012

Prayers in thanks for the harvest

Autumn saw for me the beginning of the winter harvests, especially of wheat (which is what a large portion of my diet is made up of).  Now it is the middle of winter, the wet season, when the rains fall.

I prepared some wheat cereals today in a bowl and passed with it under the square archway in the wall which divides the kitchen (near the entrance to the house) from the central room.  As I went I said a prayer, thanking the food itself.  And I thanked the cows who provided their milk.  And the farmers who harvested the wheat in the fields (the village where I live is mostly industrial rather than agricultural in the present, but there are still some large fields surrounding the outskirts, some near my house).  I then thanked Dagon for growth within the black earth, and finally Baal for sending his rains to allow for growth and food.

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