Wednesday 11 January 2012

Purity and Purification

Related to the concept of khatz'a or sin (more on that later), is the concept of purity and purification.  It is a vital part of most religions.  In Canaanite tradition it also plays a vital role, as texts from Ugarit and other cities demonstrate. 

We live in a world which has many things which may cause impurity.  One can very easily be contaminated by this impurity, and it manifests itself in a number of ways.  There are certain areas which are 'unclean', certain bodily fluids, certain spirits, certain people even in the most extreme circumstances.

While one is impure, one cannot perform a ritual or celebrate a festival or enter a temple and come before the gods.  They become 'unclean', and may pass this on to others who they come into contact with.

This is an introduction to purity and purification, as I now have school and will need to get ready.  My next post will be on what causes impurity.

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