Sunday 18 December 2011

Some ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean themed songs

I've been listening to quite a few songs which capture a kind of ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean theme, especially with lyrics drawn from the mythology.  I've got a few songs here to check out if you're interested.

The first band I'm going to mention is the band Therion.  Therion have quite a few Canaanite and other Middle Eastern themed songs.  Here's a few (and these are really epic with beautiful lyrics if you listen to whole way through).  The songs are Land of Canaan, Kings of Edom, and Call of Dagon.  There are a few more songs to check out as well by this band.

My next few tracks are from the Prince of Persia soundtrack.  Very Middle Eastern and beautiful, from one of my favourite games.

My next song is by The Cruxshadows, and it is basically the fall of Trawisha (Troy) from the point of view of the Tereshites (Trojans).  It's actually quite a sad song when you look at its meaning, but it's very epic and amazing.  Extremely emotional.

The next two are by the band Nightwish.  The first has an Egyptian theme, while the second has an Arabian theme.

The next two are by Siouxsie and the Banshees and Fields of the Nephilim.

I can find a lot more, but these are just a few obvious examples from my music collection which stand out to me.  I will probably post more as time goes on, but this is just a start.

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